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Elevate your business’ success with a comprehensive compensation report tailored to your region.

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Optimize Your Compensation Strategy

Elevate your organization’s success with PayInsights, a trusted partner in compensation data. With our comprehensive and hyper-localized data you can make informed decisions about compensation, attract and retain top talent, foster trust and employee satisfaction, and strategically plan for future growth.

Make Strategic Decisions.

Make well-informed decisions regarding salary structures and benefits, leading to a more strategic and competitive position in the job market.

Top Talent.

Ensure your compensation aligns with industry standards, helping you attract the best and brightest talent in a competitive market.

Increase Employee Satisfaction.

Foster a culture of trust and transparency enhances employee satisfaction, promoting long-term commitment and higher performance.

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Report Only

  • Key Survey Statistics
  • Survey Demographic Data
  • Experience & Education Data
  • Full-time Comp Breakdown
  • Part-time Comp Breakdown
  • Temp Comp Breakdown
  • Practice Type Data
  • Pay Increase Data
  • Benefits Data
  • Job Satisfaction & Turnover

South Dakota data is now available!


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